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Isamo Noguchi, Constantine Brancusi and Remedios Varo are artists that have influenced me the most. I love the scale and rawness of Naguchi, the simplicity of Brancusi’s forms and the magical realism of Varo’s paintings.

Other sculptors I admire are Henry Moore because of his references to bones, Alexander Archipenko for his use of color, and Louise Nevelson for her chutzpah. I once ran into her when I was visiting a friend in the early 80s on a street corner in the SoHo district of New York. I was absolutely dumbstruck and totally impressed by the great amount of makeup she wore.

I have always appreciated Arshile Gorky for the way he integrates form into his painting, Alberto Giacometti for the grandeur of his small sculptures and Dorthy Gillespie for the way she integrates color with sculpture.